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We are happy that you are about to send your child to a Blue Parks event. He/she will have the time of his/her life, progress on many levels and meet a lot of new friends!

Our camps are day camps, which means you drop your child off in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. Obviously, you are welcome to check in during the day. We will tell you each morning what we are planning for the day and where you can find us. We always look for resorts that offer the best available park locations and easily accessible coaching spots.

If we offer after-riding activities, such as workshops or movie screenings, you and your child are invited to join.

Blue Parks work very hard to create an atmosphere where riders can progress both mentally and physically, meet new freinds, and have a good time!

On our Camp activities we always have a minimum 1 responsible coach/leader per 10 campers at all times, to make sure everything goes right! We make sure every camper’s needs are fulfilled.

We are for 100% AGAINST all kinds of discrimination and abuse of children (and adults as well). Blue Parks is a grass roots movement, for skiers and snowboarders at all levels. We do encourage respect for all living things.


Your child’s safety is your absolute priority – it is our priority as well. We will always ensure your child will be part of a group that supports each other. We respect each and every child and we expect our campers to respect his new riding buddies as well. While we like to create an open and fun environment in which kids can express themselves through their riding it is also critically important that your child knows to adhere to all instructions from our coaches. After all, the camps take place in alpine territory and we must respect the mountain to be safe.


We have zero tolerance when it comes to drugs during our camps and events. Anyone using drugs during our camps and/or our events will immediately be sent home at his/her own expense. Blue Parks will in such case not refund any fees paid to us for participating in the camp/event.

For kids/youth under 18 years of age we have zero tolerance when it comes to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. If we find your child doing ANY drugs, alcohol or using tobacco you will be informed and you will have 24 hours at your own expense to arrange for the child to leave the camp. In such case camp fees, travel expenses etc will not be
recovered, re-paid or in any way covered by Blue Parks. If the minors use of drugs will result in any costs for Blue Parks, Blue Parks will charge the parent for such costs.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at