Blue Parks snowboard and ski Camps

CAMPS 2021

Blue Parks is all about FUN – PROGRESS – FRIENDS

Our camps include all you need to have for some awesome days on your boards/skis and/or other actionsports tools.

Our camps are always located at some of the best Snow Parks, not just the largest, but the most fun, most diverse and most possibilities for progress! During these camps we will have clinics, photo sessions together with professional riders and coaches. We focus on learning by having fun, by creating a good atmosphere in a great park and supply feedback and motivation to all riders. We’re hosting the camps for beginners as well as future elite riders. We have parks and knowledge for all levels.

Blue Parks Camps are 2 or 3 day snowboard and freeski camp open for all ages. These camps are for riders who wish to progress their riding and have fun together with other Snowpark friends! For our beginners: Since our camps focus on progressing park and backcountry riding you should already feel comfortable riding red slopes.

Coaches speak German/Swedish/English at most camps. If in doubt please inquire. But since snowboarding is a universal language we have already coached many riders without speaking the same language 😉

Vemdalen, Sweden
8e – 10e April 2021 Blue Parks Camp (CANCELLED pga COVID-19)

BlueParks Snowboard mädchen camps

Idre Fjäll, Sweden
29e – 31a Januari 2021 Blue Parks Camp (CANCELLED pga COVID-19)

snowboard camp österreich

Örebrö, Sweden
29.01.2020 – 1.02.2020 Park Camp

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Each and every grown rider turns into a giggling child as soon as the snow hits the face after a big powder turn. So, yes our camps are for adults but assume you leave the mountain with a big, big smile on your face and that feeling of pure joy you last had as a child!!

We always adapt our program to the riders at each camp. Since we don’t know our riders actual riding level, the obstacles and runs we take you on vary from camp to camp. Here is our promise though: We will challenge you to progress. And you will love it. Because you will “Ride with friends”.


Kids and teenagers are not simply small adults – we get that. Which is why we like to separate our snowboard camp groups by age as well as skill. We think it is important that young snowboarders ride with similarly aged shredders. Partner that with the right coach and coaching and the young guns are set to have a great time. Blue Parks has offered kids snowboard and freeski camps for over 6 years now and we understand what makes you guys tick. And yes, parents, we understand you to.


If you are reading this you either really want your kid to have a good time or your kid asked for a good time. Either way, you are in the right place. In our kids groups we have two priorities: Safety and Fun! The fun part is easy, because snowboarding with other little rider friends will stoke your kid for sure. In everything our trained coaches we will ensure that your child is safe. You will always know where your child is where and when. We keep you informed throughout the day and you will always find a BlueParks Coach at the agreed upon meeting points. Trust us: we know, we have kids ourselves. So, go ahead and enjoy a couple of days of riding all by yourself 😉


Head coach for all the camps and one of the people behind Blue Parks is Kalle Ohlson, former professional snowboarder and member of the Swedish national team and awarded Snowboarder of the year (by Transition magazine 2012). He makes sure that we have the right environment, good coaches and fun times at all camps!


Blue Parks was founded in 2012, an action sports concept created by 2 passionated snowboard nerds, Kalle Ohlson and Magnus Kristoffersson who love the thrill and the whole concept of Action Sports! The fact that it’s individual sports but you always ride together makes it unique and gives you creativity and challenges along with an amazing network of friends who share the same passion. Check out our camps, contests and schools. They are all designed to bring out the best of each individual in a group environment.


“We believe in a good time! Fun and passion brings focus and progress,

it don’t work the other way around”

– Kalle Ohslon co founder of Blue Parks

snowboard camp progression