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Blue Parks was founded in 2012 by Magnus Kristoffersson and Kalle Ohlson.

Kalle has been a professional snowboarder for over ten years. He is a member of the Pirate Movie Production team, one of the largest snowboard film productions in the world and has made a number of snowboard films with them. He has earned podium places in 4 star TTR events, and he has also been a member of the Swedish National Snowboard Team. He is also a really cool guy 😉

Magnus is a lawyer and educated snowboard instructor. He has extensive experience in building and running businesses as well as marketing. Currently he lives in Austria. Well, he is taking a break from living in Austria and currently resides in Sweden but might return soon.

Martin joined Blue Parks in 2018. He loves snowboarding and snow in general but unfortunately lives in Hamburg, Germany. Martin is a certified snowboard instructor and currently runs his own marketing and advertising agency. He also brings the German language to Blue Parks and will be present at all European camps.

What they all have in common is the love for snowboarding and action sports.

The fundamental idea of Blue Parks is to be a grass root movement. It is about making people start and continue with action sports. The aim as such is not to create the next Olympic Champion, however we are sure that for some of the Blue Parkers that might be the future.

Blue Parks was founded to create events, camps and contests that all make people feeling good and wanting to be a part of the action sports community.


We always try to pick the right coach for the right situation. A group of adults that is already ripping the rails and spinning over kickers needs a real pro to show them what to look for when dropping off a cliff. A group of young kids that is still struggling with a straight air over a nuckle might need a certified snowboard instructor who can explain the process in kids terms. In general, we view our coaches more as guides who make sure each rider, regardless of level, gets the most out of his at our camp. As our founder Kalle famously once said: “We believe in a good time! Fun and passion brings focus and progress, it don’t work the other way around”


So, they asked me to write a section about snowboarding. Why, I wonder? Everybody who has been on a snowboard and had a taste of pure powder or experienced the feeling of a stomped new trick knows that snowboarding (or freeskiing) is the single most addictive thing in life. It is also the time when kids grow mentally and learn a barrage of important skills and it is the time when grown adults turn back into giggling kids and finally understand the meaning of life again after a long back-breaking year in the office. What are you waiting for? First chair, last call!