Blue Parks was founded in 2012, an action sports concept created by 2 passionated snowboard nerds, Kalle Ohlson and Magnus Kristoffersson who love the thrill and the whole concept of Action Sports! The fact that it is an individuals sport but you always ride together in a group of like minded friends makes it unique and gives you creativity and challenges along with an amazing network of friends who share the same passion.

Riding with friends is not just a phrase. Sharing the same passion makes friends out of strangers in a single run or park lap. Friends are also not just fun to ride with. It’s so much easier to build a kicker with a group of friends, they can spot a landing or carry your lunch in the backcountry. Check out our camps, contests and schools. They are all designed to bring out the best of each individual in a group environment.


We organize our camps into different groups of riders by age and level of riding. Our coaches are all skilled riders with an obvious passion for their sport but also with training with regards to teaching and safety. All our efforts go into creating a fun, safe yet challenging environment, starting with the selection of the camp resort, obstacles, coaches, etc. We offer camps for big kids (adults turn into big giggling kids after each and every powder run or a stomped new trick) and, well, actual kids. While safety is our foremost priority regardless of age group, we structure camps differently and appropriately for different age groups.

Campers learn faster and have more fun when riding with age appropriate peers. For some activities throughout the camp we bring the entire crew together to show off what each group has learned. For the big kids (adults) this means you get to ride different obstacles and runs in the resort and don’t have to “wait” for the kids and for the young guns it means they spend their days at age appropriate obstacles and can learn faster.